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The Asturias Maldonado Foundation is governed by laws and the oversight of a Board of Directors. With extensive experience in multilingual pedagogical and educational sciences, community health and social advocacy, all FAM Board Members have onprofit management experience, and/or have led public sector institutions. Other Board members contribute to FAM’s collective governance expertise by bringing a private sector perspective and experience.

FAM is truly grateful to be backed by the collective wisdom and experience of such a remarkable governing body. An impressive group of individuals who have dedicated their professional lives and careers to social justice and community advancement causes in the US and abroad.

Board Officials

- President -

Diane Eldred

- Vice President -

Elena Asturias

- Secretary -

Esther Croft


Karla Toledo Letona

Board Members

Claudia Luna

Kathleen Cook

Kate Drescher

Janet Young

Sara García

Emeritus Members

Elaine Gantz Berman
Suzann Lupton
Stephanie Wasserman
Alison Asturias Jones
Isabel Valle de Asturias
Melanie Mittelstaedt

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