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Building on the legacy of our ancestors on behalf ​of rural children in San Marcos, Guatemala

The Asturias Maldonado Families: Pioneers in bringing education to rural children in Western Guatemala

Before there was compulsory education, before it was acceptable to bring literacy to rural farm workers, before the most basic labor rights were enshrined in labor codes, a farm in the mountains of Western Guatemala was providing primary education and literacy to its workers. A local primary school was established for children and expanded into a pre-school. The elementary school was built, expanded, and when damaged by earthquakes common to the area, was rebuilt by Finca Dos Marias.

The school was established almost a hundred years ago, and the health care provided by the physician owner, Dr. Francisco Asturias and Doña Maria Maldonado. Today, their children and grandchildren continue this legacy through AMF/FAM educational and wellness programs. These include family vegetable gardens, health screenings and water filtration systems, provided to the farm agricultural workers and families of nearby communities, in and around La Reforma, San Marcos.

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